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XINFOO Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2015, is an innovation-led company that focuses on designing and manufacturing characteristic imaging sensors.
The company provides advanced single-photon imaging sensors and infrared thermal imaging sensors for markets such as ICT (information and communications) and AIOT (artificial intelligence and Internet of Things).
XINFOO international team has more than 10 years of original technology accumulation, provides cost-effective imaging sensors to consumption market and specialized market that include vision and 3D imaging application based on UV imaging, low light night vision, infrared night vison, infrared temperature measurement, polarization imaging, wide spectrum, TOF(Time of flight),etc. The company has nearly 400 core intellectual property rights.
XINFOO has cooperated to build two IDM (Integrated Design and Manufacturing) bases which are supported by thousands of workers, and capacity up to hundreds of thousands of 8-inch and 12-inch wafers. R&D, manufacturing and quality control capabilities are among leading rank.
"Intelligent IC, Benefit society", this is our corporate culture. All of us are committed to working with global partners to develop a new intelligent visual space. Showing you a different world and taking you to enjoy the fantastic aesthetics brought by modern technology.